Comments by Participants

Student motivation and expectations regarding the program

·      "I chose this occupation because I would like to know how a teacher’s day goes and if this occupation is right for me."

·      "I hope that this experience will help me to make a good decision for my future and maybe encourage me to go further in this field."

·      "I’d like to be in contact with someone in this area so that I could ask him/her questions and make sure that this is really the occupation I want to take up later in my life."

·      "It’s fun to experience a day in the occupation that I dream of working at one day.  Spending some time with someone who does this work will certainly help me to better understand this exciting occupation.  I’m wondering about the different tasks that I’d have to perform and the role of a remedial teacher."

·      "I have lots of questions about the labour market.  If I can meet someone whose career has been in this field, I will have a perfect opportunity to ask a bunch of very relevant questions."

·      "My sister very much appreciated this experience because it helped her to find her way to a career.”

·      "My objective is to test my interest for this field and decide whether I have the skills required to perform this kind of work. "

·      "I want to see if this occupation is the one that I’ll want to have farther down the road and thereby avoid getting into studies that might turn out to be useless.”

·      "I hope to gain some knowledge about these professions and some awareness of the choices that may lead me into the future. "

·      "I’m anxious to discover different aspects and facets of these occupations with which I’m still unfamiliar.  I’d like to find out about the different possibilities that would be open to me if I decided to go into this field. "

·      "I’d like to find out about work schedules and whether, with all the advantages and disadvantages, this profession would be enjoyable for me."


Comments by students

·      "We were just interns, but the people we met were welcoming and interested in getting to know us."

·      "What I appreciated the most was being able to help the students and feeling that I was in the shoes of a teacher."

·      "I’d recommend this experience for everyone.  Thank you very much!"

·      "The experience delighted me and filled my head with dreams.  Thank you!"

·      "It was a totally awesome day!"

·      "The people were very welcoming with us."

·      "People were very kind."

·      "It was interesting to be inside the facilities of that organization, which doesn’t really seem like part of the public service."

·      "My sponsor and the entire team made me feel that I would like to take up this occupation farther down the road."

·      "It didn’t last long enough!"

·      "I learned a lot about this kind of work."

·      "It was a wonderful day, and it allowed me to confirm my career choice."

·      "It put me in reality mode."

·      "We met some very nice people who were willing to give us a chunk of their time."

·      "It was as if I was part of their team."

·      "It enabled me to see what I could expect as a teacher."

·      "I learned tons of things."

·      "The Jeunes Explorateurs program allowed me to confirm my future job choice.  I would recommend this great experience for everyone."

·      "I was happy to have been exposed to an overall view of several occupations in the same field."

·      "People were very passionate and open about their jobs."

·      "I was reassured after talking with my sponsor about concerns with admission into medicine and a doctor’s working hours."

·      "The experienced made me realize that this occupation isn’t really for me."


Comments by sponsors:

·      "I was very impressed by the levels of interest and maturity that my interns showed."

·      "I enjoyed being able to show young people from a new generation that it was possible to have an exciting and stimulating career."

·      "They asked lots of questions and seemed to appreciate the tours and the time that we spent with them."

·      "I liked presenting the reality of our profession to someone who is both interested and motivated."

·      "I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of those young people."

·      "It was stimulating for me to see how interested the students were.  I enjoyed taking part in an experience that enables young people to learn more about a profession.  I believe that these students are fortunate to be able to participate in this kind of activity."

·      "I’m happy to have contributed to such a program.  It’s a wonderful mission!"

·      "It’s always refreshing to see enthusiastic young people contemplating their future.  It was very positive for us as well."

·      "Well, you come to realize that you really like what you do every day!"

·      "I enjoyed accompanying two young people in the process of exploring a profession."

·      "What I liked was showing a young person what my profession was about.  There was a transfer of  knowledge, it was a good exercise in demystifying the profession, and it was a training experience as well."

·      "The students were really interested and asked good questions."

·      "There was that freshness of youth, their motivation and boundless energy.  I enjoyed answering their spontaneous questions."

·      "My colleagues all loved the experience and our ready to start all over again."

·      "I enjoyed the student’s motivation and her very relevant questions."

·      "The students were interested in learning more."

·      "I loved my experience."

·      "It was an enriching experience to be able to show young people the different facets of our daily work.."

·      "It was hard to try to explain everything in just one day.  We didn’t have enough time."