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What is  the Jeunes Explorateurs d’un jour program?

Jeunes Explorateurs d’un jour is a not-for-profit organization that provides an opportunity to experience a one-day internship in an area of particular interest to you.  Most internships are offered at different levels of government: provincial, federal, municipal, or in parapublic agencies, including the fields of education and health care. In sectors such as administrationcommunicationslaweducationcomputer science, health and social services, sciences and technologiespublic safety, and tourism, there are many career perspectives that you can explore.  You can find the complete range of these jobs by clicking on the tab that reads Élève ? Métiers et professions à explorer (student ? occupations to discover).                                                       

When will the internship take place?

There are two possible days for internships this year:

The first is February 18, 2016, and this day will be only for the health and social services sector in the regions of the Capitale-Nationale and Outaouais.  This one-day internship is intended exclusively for students in Secondary V and at the college level.

The second internship day will be April 21, 2016.  On this day, students in Secondary IV and V and at the college level will become one-day interns in all sectors and in all the regions where the program is present.

Examples of internships

Occupation: Airplane pilot 
Where: Service aérien gouvernemental (Quebec government’s air service)

 Internship Scenario

 Arrival: 9 a.m.

·      Introduction to the organization

·      Video presentation: Évacuations aéromédicales

·      Video presentation: Combat aérien des feux (aerial firefighting)

·      Meeting with a pilot who will take part in other activities with the interns

·      Inspection of flight-training equipment (simulator)

·      Tour of the air-service facilities of the Service aérien gouvernemental

·      Inspection of available planes

 Departure: 4 p.m.


Occupation: Archaeologist
Where: Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition feminine 
(ministry of culture, communications and status of women)

Internship scenario

 Arrival: 9 a.m.

·      Welcome

·      Presentation on archaeology at the ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine and on archaeology in Quebec, both in the documentation centre

·      Lunch

·      Departure for the Laboratoire et la Réserve d'archéologie du Québec

·      Tour of the Laboratoire et la Réserve d'archéologie du Québec

·      Visit to the Centre de conservation du Québec’s archaeology-ethnology workshop, where artifacts are           restored

·      Return to the ministère

 Departure: 16h.


Occupation: Lawyer 
Where: Centre communautaire juridique de Québec 
(Quebec City community legal centre)

 Internship scenario 

 Arrival: 8:30 a.m.

·      Interviews with adolescents

·      Hearings before a Youth Division judge concerning young children, babies, or adolescents, youth protection, and the Youth Criminal Justice Act, if any emergency cases proceed during the afternoon

·      Childcare in situations involving youth protection and the Youth Criminal Justice Act, if there are emergency proceedings during the afternoon

 Departure: 4 p.m.



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